Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Honey! Have You Seen the Sun?

Damn it! I know I left it somewhere. Let's see I put it down here about three days ago and it should be right HERE! Not in the living room. Not in the kitchen or bedroom. Sigh! Okay, let’s backtrack. I walked in the door, dropped my keys, wallet and phone on the tray. Then I walked into the family room and kicked off my shoes, continued to the kitchen and set my lunch box on the island. Opened a beer and went to the living room to practice some guitar licks. Watched some TV `till ten and went to bed. …Same thing every day this week. This is driving me insane. “HONEEEEEY! Are you sure it’s not up stairs somewhere?”

“Don’t worry about it. It’ll show up when you least expect it.”

Alright, this is really starting to PISS ME OFF! I’ve looked in every place I can think of. Wait! The car… Center console, glove box, back seat, trunk, NOTHING! If there truly is a god he’s one cruel SOB.

Check the garage. Workbench, storage shelves, cupboards? SIGH!!!

Did I leave it outside when I was measuring for the deck? Sighhhh… Wow, the trees sure popped these last couple of days. I can’t remember the grass being this green before. Terri’s Bleeding Hearts are just about to open. I hope she remembered to sprinkle repellent on the Hosta. Her garden is gonna be awesome this year. And with the deck this year, summer is going to be awesome.

What the hell was I looking for again?

Monday, April 20, 2009


I do not hug trees. I don't chase international fishing boats with over powered inflatables in the deep blue. And I laugh when my brother-in-law says that PETA stands for "People for the Eating of Tasty Animals". But I do have a mildly soft spot for the environment. I make it a point to retrieve other's discarded mono to my vest pocket, provided I can. And I absolutely will not toss trash out the car window when the Quarter Pounder and fries are finished.

One of my chores around the house is to take out the garbage every week, and every week I dump paper, plastic, and metal in a large plastic Hefty bag and drag it to the curb. Should I feel guilty? Should I curb my appetite? Should I feel good that the non-biodegradables will be dumped in a landfill and not the local waterway? The town I live in does not encourage recycling any more than charging for the service. I will not store a hundred bags of un-crushed aluminum cans in my garage just to drive them to the local recycle plant once a year for a few thin dimes.

I have to admit I tie all of my flies with synthetic material. Does that surprise you? It shouldn't. All the fly tying thread I purchase at Gander Mountain, Dick's Sporting Goods, and Cabela's at $1.99 a spool is synthetic. Some of it is polyester. Some of it is Nylon. Most of it is polyethylene. None of it, as far as I know, is biodegradable. And nearly all of it will end up at the bottom of a body of water.

Maybe I'm being anal about it because of my atrocities at the other end of my lifestyle. Maybe my pathetic attempt at cleaning up the environment is really just for my own mental well being. I suppose nothing in humankind is certain but death, taxes, and hypocrisy.

I'll continue to collect discarded mono, when I can. And, I'm going to see what happens when I tie my next flies with cotton thread and natural materials.

It's Official

3.8 Lbs.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Colder than a Witches Teet

Last Wednesday Clif and I hit Banner Marsh after work to chill the toes to the bone, and maybe catch a fish or two. It's one thing to cast from a boat, but it's another thing entirely to get into the elements. Scott may never understand.

Clif fished one of the ponds a few days earlier and was gracious to ask for company the next time. Banner Marsh is a series of coal strip pits that are ever popular in Central Illinois, so you're never quite sure where the drop is unless you're equipped with a fish finder. To date I know of no apparatus for wading, line casters. The quip "walk softly and carry a big stick" was the theme for the day.

The night before I tied a Barr's Meat Whistle, and it's now wondering Banner Marsh in the company of "Walter". If you happen to hook Walter at Banner and you notice two lures in his mouth, kindly return the other to your's truly. If you prefer throwing line instead of lures then consider it yours and enjoy. The day ended with Clif netting a nice 19 inch large mouth among the floating logs. It's weight is currently in resolution mode. Clif's mechanical scale read three pounds but we're both sure his catch was closer to four. Stay tuned.

Fishing this particular pool was the second closest thing I got to what I consider the pinnacle of fly fishing. Nipple deep in cold water, ankle deep in mud, frozen knee caps, casting to the reeds, and a *ping* after 15 seconds of something big at the other end of the line is not considered waisted time. It was a great evening. I plan to return when the weather suits my clothes.